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The elegant expression of the concrete look

The MATERIKA collection comes in 5 colors and 2 3D structures, available for special order. However we have one color OFF-WHITE available in store at Eminence in both the classic (flat structure) and in the Wave 3D structure. MATERIKA will help designing spaces with the beauty of traditional concrete tiles.

Off-White and Fango, harmonious color chemes are a "must." In the bathroom or bedroom, this collection has many potential uses. Built for residential and commercial spaces.

For additional MATERIKA colors and surfaces available for special order, please contact us or visit our showroom.

16"x48" size in slimline thickness, available in five natural colors and two 3D structures that give walls dynamism and continuity.

The relief textures of the Wave structure are the key feature in a bathroom where the collection is mixed with stoneware that reinterprets the effects of wood and concrete.

Designing spaces with the beauty of traditional cement tiles and the variation provided by the Spatula three-dimensional surface.

5 colours inspired by the powdery hues of concrete

2 three-dimensional structures, Wave and Spatula, to add variety to walls

Visit our showroom and pick up your supply of MATERIKA Off-White at Eminence while stock lasts!