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Good Day, first and foremost we, at Eminence Contractors Ltd, would like to extend to your family and friends our very sincere best wishes. Our hearts go out to anyone who's been impacted by the virus, either directly or indirectly.

In these extraordinary times, Eminence Contractors Ltd is committed to the health and well-being of our families, colleagues, customers, and partners.

It is our top priority to maintain the business continuity as long as needed to provide support and service to our customers.

To our customers and partners,

As the world navigates the uncertainty of COVID-19, you can count on Eminence Contractors Ltd for continuity of service. We are here to support your business and enable you to focus on meeting the needs of your organization.

The health and welfare of both our employees and your employees is our priority.
We feel that during these disturbing and unpredictable times it is very important to keep our lines of communication open so we can manage our relationships and our commitments efficiently and effectively as long as this emergency period may last.

Over the last two weeks, we have taken precautionary measures to help prevent the spread of the virus.
Last week we closed the showroom; our staff is working remotely from home to ensure our services stay up and running at all times.

We managed to send part of our fabrication/ installation expat installers back to their countries. We still have enough installers to continue existing job sites and to start new projects if needed.

New Sales have been scaled down due to Vendors (European e.g. Italian, Spanish, Turkish etc.) closures. USA Vendors we are operating with them on individual bases per their Pandemic Policies. Eminence will continue to service you as best as possible during these difficult times.
Previous orders will be monitored for its logistics and fulfillment and any impact that may occur due to this Pandemic.
As goods are coming into the Island, we will continue to process them as they get released and we will continue to inform you of this process.
Current ongoing work will continue until otherwise informed differently from Government or others.
New work requested from our Clients and Contractors will be evaluated accordingly. If possible, we are committed to servicing as best we can despite the many challenges, we may encounter over coming weeks as Bermuda continues to come together to stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

Eminence Contractors Ltd, Eminence Restoration Services and Eminence Showroom remain committed to you despite the most difficult times the world has faced in recent times. Our continued communication to you is 100% and we hope that through all of this we can remain your #1 choice despite all odds.

You can count on us to support your business today and for years to come.

Please stay safe and focus on the health and safety of your employees, families and communities.