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Imagining new ways of transforming natural materials is a key trend of contemporary design.


Evood makes this sensitivity its own and, by drawing inspiration from recent treatments on the colors of prestigious wood, distinguishes itself by virtue of its refined and evocative colours that enhances the clean and light patterns. The result is a collection of cutting-edge porcelain stoneware that conveys a feeling of discreet and minimalist elegance, ideal for establishing an immediate dialogue with the most innovative and contemporary design trends.

Wood Palette

Four fascinating shades, inspired by the most innovative color treatments made on precious oak. A successful blend of natural style, love for research and the capacity to look forward. A contemporary and versatile design that brings out its best in the most diverse residential and commercial contexts.

Tone Brick Palette

The Evood collection is completed by the Tone Brick for wall installation, available in four colors that establish an immediate contact with the shades of the staves. An addition that, in line with the latest design trends, increases the discreet appearance and lightness of the project.


Thinking of spontaneity and a refined appeal in the same breathing material. A New idea of balance that become evident design. A successful combination of thought and intuition, for a design full of meanings and emotion, also for working environments.

Whispered natural elegance that is the same time sophisticated: design for cultivating inner harmony.

Assonance of colors and materials for commercial environments that are both discreetly elegant and vibrant.

Different shades that create a modern dialogue interwoven with harmony, accomplished contrasts and a natural affinity with other inspirations.

A naturally and intimately contemporary material, for the most innovative and demanding design requirements.

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